The world is currently facing two major challenges to the way we live and work. The first is the global energy crisis we are currently experiencing through higher gas prices, due to dwindling supplies of this non-renewable resource. The second is the climate effects of global-warming - no longer theoretical as evidenced by the unprecedented damage caused by Hurricane Katrina, and the severe droughts in Europe. We feel it is our responsibility to do whatever we can to help avoid these disasters. Not just for ourselves, but also that future generations can continue to enjoy the quality of life we have been lucky to have.


To become carbon-neutral and reduce our dependency on non-renewable resources.


Reduced oil use through lowered dependence on automobiles. 75% of our staff no longer use personal cars to get to work. This is achieved through a combination of using public transport, bicycles, walking, and working from home. Our policy is to conduct meetings by phone or internet where possible.

Reduced paper and materials use - using electronic communication/storage reduces the need for paper, CDs etc. It is our hope that all customer communications including invoices and quotations will be electronic wherever possible.


Encourage building owner to implement sustainable energy practices through alternative energy sources, or relocate to a green star certified office environment. Implement our own micropower substitutes where possible.

Increase recycling of waste products

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"Thank you very much for all the help you have given me over the years. It has been so good to be able to rely on you and to know that things will be taken care of. You have made my life so much easier."

- M. Hannen / Croxley Stationery

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